The History of the Tea Party

By Stan Mack
NBM Publishing, $14.99, 176 pages

Too many writers forget that the past really is a different country. Taxes, The Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels¬†looks at the American Revolutionary War, but from a surprisingly liberal bias. It goes over the same ground that we remember from history class, but with just the slightest attempt at raking up weeds; much is made of Jefferson’s slaves and too many leaders are shown trying to hold on to power. The history is accurate, it just comes off as showing that leadership will always corrupt the leaders, which is an interesting bias for a history book.

Modern-day commentary has no place within a history book. This book makes no bones about the need for comparing the Founding Fathers with today’s politics; there is even a character, Carl, who shows up every so often just to drive that point home. Thus, rather than an honest attempt at history, it comes off as a pro-liberal statement, where government corrupts those in charge, and that regular people are easily manipulated. Combined with the really rough art style, it just seems like it was meant as a long political cartoon rather than any honest attempt at actual history.

By Jamais Jochim

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