Don’t Let the Light Keep You Up

By Geoffrey Hayes
Random House Children’s Books
32 pages 11.99

Whoever invented the “glow-in-the-dark books” deserves a pat on the back, because Geoffrey Hayes brilliantly uses this format in The Bunny’s Night-Light: A Glow-in-the-Dark Search. Bunny can’t sleep because the night is too dark. Papa knows a night-light will help. Bunny and his dad must look all over to find the perfect light. This is where things get fun! Hayes uses glow-in-the-dark technology to make each possible source shine. Windows, stars, fireplaces, glowworms, lanterns and streetlights all glow. Bunny, wrapped in his purple blanket, is precious. Papa, snuggled in a red robe, is determined not to rest until he finds a solution to make his son comfortable. This is a gentle and heartwarming father-and-son story. Boys and girls will enjoy reading it and having it read to them. It is a perfect bedtime story. The illustrations are great, and little readers (and big ones) won’t want to miss finding any of the glowing lights. Which one will Bunny choose for his room? There are no spoilers here. Just know that Mama appears at the end of the book and makes a suggestion that will have everyone asking, “Why didn’t Papa ask Mama in the first place?”

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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