A Penguin Parade!

Carol A. Cole, Illustrated by Sherry Rogers

Sylvan Dell Publishing 9.95 32 pages

What would happen if you shared your home with penguins? Penelope knows the answer. She lives at 3316 Penguin Place in a little white house with black trim. Neighbors always see her dressed in her favorite colors – black and white! Penelope lives with penguins. Author Carol A. Cole tells this funny and educational story in The Penguin Lady. Penelope’s brother sends her one penguin from the Galapagos Islands. Her sister gives her two Rockhopper penguins from Argentina. Three Chinstrap penguins from Antarctica show up at her door. Soon she has four African penguins, five Little Blues from Australia, six Royal penguins from an island near Antarctica, seven Falkland Island King penguins, eight Antarctic Adélie penguins, nine Macaroni penguins from Argentina and ten hungry Antarctic Emperors! How many total penguins are in her home? Readers can practice counting with the arrival of each new species. Four pages of activities follow the story. Compare and contrast the different penguin species, learn about adaptations and geography, answer true or false questions and complete a hands-on measuring project to discover how tall penguins are compared to humans and other objects. Find out what the Penguin Lady does with all her new animal friends.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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