By Francis Melville
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.
144 pages,$16.99

The Secrets of High Magic: Vintage Edition is a reboot of an original publication about High Magic. The book takes the reader through the many areas covered under the description “High Magic.” Topics include meditation, tools of the trade, altars, forecasting, the brewing and casting of magic, important items, and so much more. The Secrets of High Magic is presented in an easy to read format that can appeal to a beginner with passing curiosity, to the more seasoned magic enthusiast looking for a solid reference guide. Each section also includes illustrations that help maintain reader interest.

Regarding the content of the book, The Secrets of High Magic reads as a little bit flat. It feels simultaneously overly-detailed and not specific enough. This feeling of discord is likely generated by the author’s indecision regarding which audience they choose to target. For serious practitioners, the information contained within feels too simple and general; however, for a newer practitioner, the information does not take you much farther than the general descriptions. This is further perpetuated by the fact that many of the ‘instructions’ read as trite and arbitrary.

The Secrets of High Magic is a fleetingly interesting book for those who have some basic questions about what is encompassed under the term High Magic; however, it is likely not the best book for those looking to take their interest further.

Reviewed by Rachel Richards

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