John Ronald Reuel Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. In 1938, Tolkien was planning to release The Hobbit in Germany. The publishers first wanted to discern if he was of Aryan descent. This was his response.

“if I am to understand that you are inquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people. My great-great-grandfather came to England in the eighteenth century from Germany: the main part of my descent is therefore purely English, and I am an English subject, which should be sufficient. I have been accustomed, nonetheless, to regard my German name with pride, and continued to do so throughout the period of the late regrettable war, in which I served in the English army. I cannot, however, forbear to comment that if impertinent and irrelevant inquiries of this sort are to become the rule in matters of literature, then the time is not far distant when a German name will no longer be a source of pride.” -Tolkien