Get started early

By Arne & Carlos

Trafalger Square Books 24.95 143 pages

Featuring the unique designs of Scandinavian duo Arne and Carlos, this book features one basic pattern, instructions on how to knit a ball shape, and then 55 variations or designs pulled from traditional Scandinavian sweaters based on holiday themes. The recommendations for yarn and needles are, as one would expect from high-end designers, on the expensive end, but these pricey recommendations are not necessary for charming results. The patterns are also traditional, but not overwhelmingly difficult, so knitters at the advanced-beginner or intermediate skill level could easily complete these patterns. Also, some of the patterns are not immediately recognizable to the American eye. This book would make an excellent gift for a knitter, and the aesthetic fits perfectly into the current DYI trends.

Reviewed By Katie Richards

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