A Contemporary Noir of Italian Flavor

By Giorgio Faletti

Farrar, Straus and Giroux 27.00 336 pages

This novel by Giorgio Faletti can be denominated as a noir, political thriller. The main protagonist and narrator is Bravo, a well developed character, whose narration style and persona give this impeccably-translated novel its worth.

The novel starts with a brilliantly unapologetic introduction of the character that puts the reader on guard, in a good way. Yet, as the flavorful narrative progresses and despite his questionable morality, the reader embraces the pimp as he shows his smooth ways while slowly becoming a victim of a political mess of fictional conspiracy and assassination with elements of Italian modern history.

At about two-thirds of its body, the novel reaches climax. Unfortunately, as the intricate chaos that Bravo is part of unveils, the story becomes way too complicated and unlikely; forcing this wonderful narrator to sacrifice his style while spending the remainder of the novel explaining how such a plot could actually happen.

With a more convincing story line, the novel would have been more satisfying and not just a good read.

Reviewed By Alberto Ambard

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