Babies Galore!

By Andrea Pinnington & Tory Gordon-Harris
Scholastic, $7.99, 32 pages

Young kids love discovering information about animals, especially babies. Scholastic, a company known for creating quality materials for readers of all ages, provides little ones with a new book to enjoy: Animal Babies. Beautiful pictures capture the imagination of readers. What’s better than page after page of adorable baby critters? Not much! Picture sequences demonstrate how more complicated concepts work (i.e. hatching and metamorphosis). See how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, what baby salmon eggs look like, and how mothers feed their young.

Sturdy pages will stand up to multiple readings. A glossary explains new vocabulary and the index helps readers find them. It is never too early to learn how to use a table of contents. Each double page spread features a new topic. Main words are presented in bold type. Smaller words highlight details and encourage further research. Young readers will dive into topics such as “Who Has Babies,” “Hatching,” “Growing Up,” “Babysitters,” and “Journeys.” Discover the difference between a nest, a burrow, or a pouch and which animals live in each type of habitat. Have fun learning the unique names of different baby species. Did you know that a young pigeon is called a squab? A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet! A free digital book contains lots of extra activities for young readers.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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