Experience the Joys of Christmas

By Esther Wilkin, Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

Golden Books 6.99 26 pages

Imagine what a little one must experience during her first Christmas. The sights, sounds, smells…and the presents! In Baby’s Christmas, Esther Wilkin takes readers into the front room of a cozy house as Baby discovers the joys of the holiday. What did Santa leave for Baby? Look under the Christmas tree decorated with candy canes, gingerbread people and twinkly lights. A music box plays a special tune, a string of wooden beads looks pretty around Baby’s neck and darling stuffed animals are soft and cuddly. Baby can beat on a drum, steer a kiddie car, roll a bouncy ball and read a picture book. What treasures Santa has picked for Baby to enjoy! Where will Baby put all her new toys when she is done playing? Find out what Baby’s final present is. It is sure to help with clean-up at the end of every day. This board book will be a favorite for years to come. The rhyming text helps young readers begin to understand what type of word comes next in the pattern. Eloise Wilkin’s illustrations are classic and beautiful. From her chubby legs to her soft hair, Baby is as precious as an angel. Golden Baby board books offer even the youngest readers a chance to enjoy beloved Golden Books.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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