You Can Learn a Lot From a Little Raccoon Named Chester.

By Audrey Penn, Illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson
Tanglewood Publishing, $16.95, 32 pages

Good ol’ Chester. For nearly a decade now, this loveable little raccoon has taught children around the world valuable lessons. Chester is at it once again, in Audrey Penn’s latest release Chester the Brave. This time around, Chester explores what it means to be afraid, and finds that everyone is afraid of something. Chester also learns that it is possible to be brave despite your fears. Little ones will be encouraged by Chester’s new found  ability to speak in front of his class using the “Think-Can-Do” method his mother teaches him to overcome his fears.

This heartwarming tale is both entertaining and instructive. Barbara Gibson’s brilliant artwork makes the story come alive with vivid, cartoon-like, illustrations. The pages overflow with magnificent color and excitement which are sure to please young imaginations. Chester the Brave will be enjoyed by children, parents and teachers everywhere and will probably become another treasured favorite much like The Kissing Hand.

Reviewed By Kimberly Logan-Elwell

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