Perfect for New Runners!

By Danny Dreyer & Katherine Dreyer

Touchstone 15.99 320 pages

I don’t know about you, but thoughts of running a marathon kind of scare me. That’s probably why I signed up for my first marathon later this year. I’m so happy that Chi Marathon by Danny and Katherine Dreyer came along, because I had no idea where to start for my training. ChiMarathon is an extension of the authors’ Chi Running method, which they teach all over the United States. The focus of Chi Running principles is on injury-avoiding techniques during long distance runs. Not only does it help you prepare physically, but it also helps you prepare mentally for a long run. Provided in the book are proper breathing techniques and postures that actually help you enjoy running. As a former non-runner, I found this book very helpful in getting me started. It helped me realize that my posture wasn’t the best and taught me how to correct it. It has provided me with a guide for training, so when my marathon comes around, I will be ready and able to complete it injury free. If you’ve ever wanted to become a runner, I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed By Nicole Will

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