Cultural Differences Rule

By August G. Minke

August Minke 19.95 84 pages

Readers will find a wealth of information in this book about the legalities of business between the United States and Europe. Conducting Transatlantic Business focuses on both the similarities and differences of the legal aspects of conducting business in these areas. The author has provided a broad laundry list of potential topics. The book is written in a simple language that any business or human resources person will be able to understand, as well as know what other questions to ask.

August G. Minke holds a law degree from both the Netherlands and the United States and has worked in law firms for 14 years. He consistently reminds the reader that these are not just differences in the law, but more importantly, differences in the culture that cause some of these legal distinctions. If you do business overseas, this book is a solid selection for your bookshelf.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff