Tale of a Boy and His Dragon

By Toby Forward

Bloomsbury Kids 16.99 344 pages

Sam has been happy enough for the past six years as an apprentice to the wizard Flaxfield.  After Flaxfield’s death, however, Sam’s entire life is thrown into turmoil and confusion. The arrival of the wizard’s previous apprentices – all of whom doubt Sam’s magical abilities – prompt Sam to leave the house and go look for his destiny elsewhere. His journey takes him to many places, and along the way he learns about his own special powers and makes choices for his future.

Dragonborn is a new fantasy series geared for children, and it’s a fine book – but it’s not more than that. The plot and storyline are serviceable, somewhat interesting but predictable. The characters are simple and one-note, even Sam himself. The book shines with its villain, Ash – she is indeed a horrifying and evil creature, and her actions provide the most interesting parts of the book. Overall, though, the book is bland and forgettable.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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