Going to Bremen Old-School Style

By Philip Pullman

Viking 27.95 400 pages

Sometimes the old school could really be the best, but Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm is an excellent retelling of the original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. This book is an even better solution for those who miss the old versions of the tales. In addition to several translation clarifications, Pullman also provides explanation where the changes were made. These tales are definitely not for the youngest. However, older kids may enjoy them, as well as most of the general readers of all ages.

Although told in a slightly archaic style, these stories are enjoyable reading. This is a complete collection of Grimm’s tales, and some of the scholarly research showed off. The historical and literary notes with each story gives them some additional aspects, especially if you are interested in the reasons why certain changes were made. These stories have all of their fangs still in place, making them for some exceptionally fun reading. For those looking for fairy tales with a number of bites that have not been made either too soft or too hardcore, this is just right.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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