Not Everyone has the Same Problems With Puberty

By Mike Jung

Scholastic 19.99 320 pages

Sometimes it just does not pay to wake up in the morning. Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities explores the life of Vincent Wu, who wakes to find that his life is really complicated: Captain Stupendous, the local and most powerful super-hero on the planet, comes to him and his friends for help just as a new villain comes on the scene looking for his mother. Vincent also has a crush on a girl with a karate punch and his mom is dating someone new. Vincent needs to deal with all of this, and find out the connection the villain has to his parents’ past or people he loves will start dying.

This is a book that is hard to put down once you start reading. Vincent and his gang are real kids, with all of the issues thereof. Combined with some very fun twists and this is a book everyone can enjoy.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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