Comprehensive Guide to All Things Oregon

By Gerry Frank

Gerrys Frankly Speaking 19.95 431 pages

Gerry Frank is a fourth-generation native Oregonian and holds a rich history in a family-owned Oregon business, prior to its purchase by the May Company. In addition, Gerry Frank wrote for the Oregonian for decades. In other words, there is probably not a more qualified person to write a book about Oregon. Gerry Frank’s Oregon is part tour guide book, part storytelling and part history book. The book is divided by geographical locations and then interspersed with stories, facts and people and places of interest. Each geographical area opens with a map of the region. The chapters tend to be a bit unorganized, though. For example, you will find listings for restaurants and then a hotel or retail listing will crop up in the middle of the restaurant entries. Listings contain phone numbers, websites, addresses and a pricing guide ranging from moderate to expensive and up. At the end of every chapter is a place for your notes.

This is a book clearly written by someone who loves Oregon and wants everybody to know all of Oregon’s attributes.  Frank has a lot of knowledge to impart and he is clearly proud of Oregon. Even with its deficiencies, it is apparent Frank did his research. Gerry even includes his favorite chocolate cake recipe. This comprehensive guidebook definitely had me salivating about my potential travels and I plan of creating an itinerary for my next Oregon field trip!

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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