No Naps for This Ruddy Gosling

By Olivier Dunrea

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children 9.99 32 pages

Gideon is a character like any other little girl or boy–he likes to play all day long. Readers follow Gideon the gosling as he plays with his favorite friends and toys. As Gideon’s mother calls him to come in for a nap, Gideon is adamant that he is not tired and wants to keep playing. The boisterous little goose explores the entire farm yard. When the gosling finally goes quiet in his play, his mother finds him nestled into a bed of straw, relaxed and asleep.

The book, written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea, has colorful, line-drawn illustrations against a stark white background. A single sentence on each page, in addition to the small-sized book for small hands, makes the book ideal for early readers, children between three and six, who are getting comfortable with small sight-words.

Gideon is one book out of a series of Dunrea books featuring adventurous goslings with their own special qualities–some to match those of children with their own unique characteristics. The gosling books are sure to be a big hit.

Reviewed By Sophie Sestero

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