A Fantastic Resource for Mobile Web Development!

By Lyza Danger Gardner & Jason Grigsby

O’Reilly Media 44.99 480pages

Head First Mobile Web is a book designed for someone that has web design and development experience, as well as interest in learning important mobile web concepts. After all, reading a website on a desktop versus reading it on a mobile device is a completely different animal! This book gives you all the tools needed to discern why and how to create a separate mobile site instead of just one website for both desktops and mobile devices. Head First Mobile Web uses a humorous, conversational style coupled with lots of graphics and visuals.

I really like how this book includes activities and challenges so that the reader is forced to apply the knowledge they are learning from the book. Not only that, the book is redundant, at times, again to ensure the reader captures the content in the way they like to learn it! Do you like bulleted lists? Or does a good story help you learn something new? Well, this book has taken all of that into consideration and gives each reader the information they need in the format that best suits them. Of course, given the amount of information this book conveys, each page is a little busy. It is sometimes difficult to focus on all the information. The reader would need to read through this book several times, in order to really focus on all the information. Once the reader understands how the book is organized, he will know where to look when he needs that nugget of knowledge. Bullet points at the end of each chapter reinforce the chapter content effectively.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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