You Haven’t’ Read the News Like This

By Joe Sacco

Metropolitan Books 29.00 208 pages

Joe Sacco is a journalist who attempts to report on world conflict and then tell those stories in the form of comics. Journalism by Sacco is a collection of his comics-as-journalism, reporting on Bosnia War to the Iraq War, from genocide to mistreatment of prisoners. Be warned: These stories are presented as comics, but they are not to be taken lightly.

Journalism reads as a graphic novel, complete with dialogue bubbles, bright colors, black and white illustrations depicting vast landscapes, broken-down cities, military convoys, individuals under great stress, and scenes of brutal violence. The reader may find the illustrations distracting at first, but they provide a visual to the story that enhances the experience, especially during the more chilling moments. For example, this reviewer read no further than the second page of the first story before he had to put the book down and cover his mouth due to the horror he just read.

Joe Sacco has turned journalism into an interpretive art with Journalism. He reports the facts simply and concise, but providing illustrations to highlight the poignancy and raw energy of war, military training, and human struggle. A great addition to any adult’s library.

Reviewed By Gregory A Young

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