A Gripping Post-Apocalyptic Story

By Tim Lebbon

Pyr 16.95 280 pages

In 2019, the world changed for the worse in England:  a terrorist unleashed a virus, named Evolve, causing millions of deaths. Those who survived were changed forever, evolving to have special powers that only grow stronger with time. The government has blocked off all of London and spreading lies that those still alive are monsters. Jack and his friends, however, know the truth and are determined to find it. When help comes in the form of a healer, Rosemary, they take their chance and head into the Toxic City.

London Eye is a fascinating story by author Tim Lebbon. It starts out two years after the virus was released and shows the devastation, both physical and emotional, that it left behind. He creates a stellar cast of characters, including Jack, the reluctant hero, his sister Emily, damaged girlfriend Lucy-Anne and the mysterious healer Rosemary. The characters are complex and relatable throughout the book. The plot unfolds at a nice pace and keeps the reader engaged throughout the whole story. This is a great new series for fans of fantasy.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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