The Mediterranean Like You Have Never Seen Before

By Louisa Jones, Photography by Clive Nichols

Thames & Hudson 60.00 224 pages

 “What is the role of human beings in nature?”

There are 265 tantalizing, breathtaking photographs gracing the pages of this book by Louisa Jones, with photographs by Clive Nichols. Jones asks, “What is the role of human beings in nature?” This book reviews mountains, stonework, earthwork, woodwork, clipped greenery, meadows and field geometry with that vision in mind. The author explores the inspiration of age-old materials, skills and sites to give the reader lots of ideas.  The chapter on garden tapestries was especially beautiful, and the seascapes and gardens of Venice romance the reader with the pictures and the words. Mediterranean Landscape Design places the reader in the middle of the Mediterranean landscapes of Greece, Spain, France, Morocco and Italy. After you have viewed this book, you will almost feel like you have just returned from a stunning, relaxing Mediterranean vacation.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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