We Can Learn A Lot From Peas!

By Todd H. Doodler

Robin Corey Books 6.99 20 pages

This charming, lovable board book is all about Peas on Earth! Author Todd H. Doodler has the right touch with his writing for babies and the open, happy-family style cartooning. The illustrations are reminiscent of the “Blue’s Clues” cartoon show, with a friendly cheerful face on everything from pillows to salt shakers. He also writes terrific messages of love and getting along: “A world filled with LOVE and PEAS! Where everyone and everything got along. That sounds peas-ful.”

There are lessons in sharing, not fighting and having good manners, in addition to animal comparisons on how to get along with one another. Rich colors will engage any viewer, and the whole book is surely to entertain even the most fastidious of book critics, especially with the surprise pop-up on the last pages! This book should be required reading for everyone under four years old – a must-read book, guaranteed to be enjoyed time and time again.

Reviewed By M. Chris Johnson

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