Top Secret Material!

By Emily Ecton

Chronicle Books 15.99 256 pages

Have you ever heard of a very special kind of animal that has the body of a rabbit, the antlers of an antelope and the personality of a ruthless killer? Have you ever seen one? Few people have. Jeremy wakes up one morning and discovers that his quirky neighbor, Professor Twitchett, has left one with him for safekeeping. Twenty-four hours prior, Jeremy didn’t expect that he would be on the run for his life, hiding a mythological animal that is wanted by a dangerous government organization. Author Emily Ecton’s creative and entertaining book, Project Jackalope, is a laugh-out-loud-funny thriller. Jeremy joins forces with Agatha, his strong and intelligent neighbor, to find the missing professor, protect their new hairy friend and root out a traitor with a nasty plan. Can Jeremy and Agatha do all this and finish their science projects in time? Ecton has created some amazing characters filled with personality and heart, and they are so funny! When two kids are pulled into an adventure of a lifetime, it is hard to know what to expect! The book is infused with enough real-life science to keep things believable, while the action keeps it fun.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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