Randy Riley teaches kids to appreciate their own talents

By Chris Van Dusen

Candlewick Press 15.99 32 pages

Randy Riley is a smart kid, who simply cannot hit a baseball. He is one of those kids who has more brains than brawn. He spends his time dreaming about space and working through equations in his head.

One night, looking through his telescope, Randy sees a ball of fire barreling straight toward his town. He calculates that it will take about 19 days for the ball to hit the earth. After being brushed off by some adults, Randy starts to build a secret weapon to fight the ball of fire.

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit is a lovely book helping many other children focus on their true talents. Although Randy loves baseball, kids get a chance to cheer for Randy’s big brain, creativity and quick thinking. This book encourages children to appreciate their own special skills and talents.

Chris Van Dusen’s thoughtful illustrations keep them laughing and searching the page as they listen to or read the words working alongside it. Randy’s expressions and larger-than-life creations easily pop off the page.

Reviewed By Sophie Sestero

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