A Clever Twist on an Old Story

By Thomas Emson

Thomas Dunne Books 14.99 375 pages

There is panic in London due to increasingly bizarre and strange happenings throughout the city. The oddities started after the deaths of dozens at a club for Goth’s due to a batch of bad drugs. When the bodies soon walk out of the morgue, things get even stranger. Jake Lawton, a doorman at the club, is being set up by police to take the fall for the drug charges at the club. Refusing to take the blame, he begins to investigate and soon finds himself battling unimaginable creatures that date back to Biblical times. Jake hopes he can stop the rise of the vampires before it’s too late for everyone.

Skarlet is the first book in The Vampire Trinity series by author Thomas Emson and he has created an interesting twist on the traditional vampire story. Taking his ideas from myths and legends, he mixes the ancient with the Gothic to surprisingly good results. The characters in the book are interesting and relatable and the story moves along at a fast pace. The plot changes nicely from the present to the past and keeps the reader engaged in all the storylines. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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