Losing weight is only half the battle

By Donna Cooner

Scholastic Point 17.99 263 pages

“The raw desperation from the people around me leaks out into the room. This is their salvation. A year seems like nothing to those of us trapped inside our bodies.” 

Skinny by Donna Conner is a candid look at one girl’s struggle with her weight. At the beginning of the book, fifteen-year-old Ever is 302 pounds. The story is her journey to gastric bypass surgery, her recovery from the surgery, and her battle with her internal self-image and self-destructing thoughts. Ever has an internal critic whom she calls Skinny. Ever imagines her as having a Gothic pixie-type creature that sits on her shoulder and whispers self-deprecating thoughts into her head. This book is an insightful look into the life of someone battling morbid obesity. It reaches those that are not just overweight, but anyone who has that little voice in their head telling them they are not good enough. The story also reflects a person’s isolation and the desire to fit in, especially in high school. This reviewer feels that this book is a must read for anyone dealing with self-image issues as well as students and teachers everywhere. Ever has a happy ending and loses over 100 pounds, but her true triumph is silencing Skinny.

Reviewed By Jina Oravetz

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