An Eve Duncan Novel: Peril Threatens after Cover-up of a Murder Discovered

By Iris Johansen

St. Martin’s Press 27.99 416 pages

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan learns a shocking secret when her mother comes to visit. Eve has a sister she knew nothing about! Her mother, Sandy, has learned that Beth, Eve’s sister, has escaped from the California mental institution where she has been held for years. ||Sandy begs Eve to go there and find her. Eve’s husband Joe, an Atlanta P.D. detective, insists on helping. In California they are met with stonewalling and lies that compel them to dig deeper into Beth’s past.

Once they locate Beth, they are pursued by a hired killer. Several people associated with Beth are murdered, including two doctors who treated her. Eventually, Eve and Beth are lured into a trap and captured by the killer. It is up to Joe to find them before they are killed.

Iris Johansen is the New York times bestselling author of Eve, Quinn, Bonnie, Chasing the Night, Eight Days to Live, Blood Game, and many more. She creates wonderful characters; Eve Duncan being a long-time fan favorite.

Sleep No More is a gripping and poignant tale of power, intrigue, family, danger and suspense.

Reviewed By Fran Byram

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