Classic Sherlock With a Twist

By P.C. Martin, Illustrated by Daniel Cortes

Noble Beast, LLC 14.95 144 pages

Audiences have been fascinated with Sherlock Holmes since the first story with him as a character was published. Over the years, a number of books and films have been made, typically adding a twist on the original material.  Author P.C. Martin presents her vision of Holmes with the novella, Steampunk Holmes:  Legacy of the Nautilius. The author very successfully captures the style of Arthur Conan Doyle and the essence of the characters.  Holmes is his typical self; scintillating and Watson is well written with his blend of intelligence and naiveté, especially when it comes to beautiful women. One of the more interesting things is the reconceptualization of Mycroft as a sister rather than a brother. This sets up a different kind of interplay between Sherlock and Mycroft, as well as between Watson and Mycroft.

The plot is nicely laid out and the steampunk gadgets and weapons are a fun addition to the Holmes world.  According to the author’s website, this novella and subsequent Holmes adventures will eventually be interactive, which will be interesting to see and hear. For now, though, fans of Sherlock Holmes will have to content themselves with enjoying this fun take on the classic character.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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