Check In to Hotel Traylvania

By Tracey Miller-Zarneke

Titan Books 34.95 160 pages

The must-see movie of October, Hotel Transylvania, is a funny and family friendly film that is perfect for this Halloween season. This animated work follows Count Dracula as he raises his daughter Mavis and opens a resort that caters to monsters looking for a safe vacation spot. But their safety is challenged when a human finds his way into the hotel during the weekend of Mavis’ 118th birthday. Tracey Miller-Zarneke has captured the magic of the movie in her book The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania. The author highlights the creative process of Sony Pictures’ animators. Readers will enjoy over 400 pieces of art from the development, design and digital phases. See the first sketches of many characters, including loud-mouthed Eunice, fatigued werewolf Wayne, mummified Murray, invisible Griffin and hunched Quasimodo. Quotes from the script and interviews with filmmakers and crew provide background and adds depth. The second part of the book covers production design. Learn how the manor, hotel lobby, bingo hall, swimming pool and kitchen were created in the digital world. Storyboards, lighting keys and final frames capture everything that goes into making an animated film. You can bring home the magic of Hotel Transylvania home to read again and again.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Frankllin

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