Learn to Divide While Having Fun

By Suzanne Slade, Illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

Sylvan Dell Publishing 9.95 32 pages

Did you know that animals like having pals, just like humans? When they join together with a friend or family member, they take on a very cool name. A family of meerkats is called a mob, and a gathering of peacocks is called a muster. Author Suzanne Slade puts fun into math time in her book, The Great Divide. As children enjoy flipping through the pages, they may not even realize they are learning math skills. Readers are asked to look at each picture and figure out how many animals are in each grouping. This is a basic lesson in division that even young kids can understand, and older readers will be able to tackle the problems on their own. “Fourteen hungry pelicans, waiting by the dock, find two tasty fish. How many in each flock? What is 14 divided by two?” Erin E. Hunter’s illustrations are fascinating. She captures the essence of each animal species with brilliant colors. The groups of animals are portrayed in their unique habitats. Rambunctious rhinos splash in the rivers of the Savannah.  Tough gorillas march through the rainforest. Included at the back of the book are four pages of interactive activities reinforcing lessons on geography, habitats and division.

Reviewed By Kathryn Franklin

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