Book of Dreams

By Leslie Brody

Title Town Publishing 17.95 230 pages

Author Leslie Brody has fashioned an intimate account of love, heartbreak, and loss in her memoir The Last Kiss. Brody’s husband, Elliot, was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer at the age of 55, and told that he would live for just another year or less. Elliot gallantly fought to stay alive and managed to survive for more than two years post-diagnosis. Elliot was Brody’s second husband and she tells the story of how they met at work and dated for months before marrying the day before she turned thirty-nine. The stunning news about Elliot’s cancer would arrive just six years later.

“…that place where you are is the best place I’ve ever been.”

Brody writes honestly about the struggles of dealing with a type of cancer “that can’t be cured,” and about how even the most supportive spouse hits the wall of exhaustion. Elliot’s disease comes to teach her simple but key lessons about life, such as the value of having patience and living in the moment. Her honesty throughout the entire account is admirable such as when she struggles with the thought of finding another partner in life. This is a tribute to a good man who met tragedy with dignity, knowing that he was loved in sickness and in health.

Reviewed By Joseph Arellano

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