Heavenly Help With Dyslexia

By Robert Warrington

Gazebo Books 19.99 60 pages

This is one of the more interesting books on dealing with dyslexia. The Little Dyslexic Angel follows Faith, an angel born from the Indonesian tsunami that killed so many. She is then told that she must seek her name and lesson, which are hidden in the rainbows. Her true challenge, which she must overcome in order to gain her wings, is that she is dyslexic. With the assistance of Serenity, Courage and Wisdom, as well as a gift from Santa, she learns how to deal with it and not only joins the Host in Heaven, but also becomes the Christmas angel.

This is a gorgeous book, and children with dyslexia may find it very useful in dealing with their own difficulties. Although Courage may be a bit too chiseled for an angel, the book is a nice, easy and fun read for anyone. The origin of Faith may be a bit somber, but the book is inspiring without being heavy-handed. The message that dyslexia can be dealt with is presented without proselytizing, making it good for most children. Overall, this book is very nicely done and a gift worth receiving.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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