Biology Uncovered Through Math

By Ian Stewart

Basic Books 27.99 358 pages

“When you’ve made such a huge breakthrough, one that takes you so far in comparison with everything that has gone before, it’s disappointing to discover that unlocking one boxful of secrets and raising the lid does not do a Pandora and reveal all manner of biting insects and vile creatures, but just reveals…another locked box inside.”

With a keen focus on biology, Mathematics of Life by Ian Stewart, attempts to sort out some common misconceptions and reveal new insight about life in a broad yet focused approach. Stewart works up to specific points where he illustrates how a relevant mathematical equation more clearly demonstrates the supposed validity, fallacy, or a particular theorem of biology.

At other points, different disciplines such as theology, history, and philosophy are bought in to further illustrate a particular point. Those who are not mathematicians will have plenty to take away from this book as it draws heavily from other disciplines but mainly biology.

If you are looking for something different to add to your biology-minded reading, give Mathematics of Life a try.

Reviewed By Jon Sanetel

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