By Peyton Leung, Illustrated by Hilary Leung

Kids Can Press 16.95 32 pages

Imagine having a grandfather who is a pirate. What would you do if he sent you a treasure map? You’d follow it, of course! That is exactly what one little girl does in Peyton Leung’s The Pirate Girl’s Treasure: An Origami Adventure. This is a fun book with a unique twist – it’s an origami guide! Leung creatively works the folds needed to make the origami right into the story. For example, the mountain that the little girl must climb is created by the first four folds. Later, a series of folds turns the mountain into the boat the girl must use to reach an island. Step-by-step instructions can be found at the end of the book. Kids may need help understanding and completing some of the more advanced steps. ||This pirate girl discovers treasure and much more on her journey. But her greatest find is a treasure chest containing a letter from her grandfather and an awesome pirate shirt. In fact, the shirt is the very same one kids will end up with after folding their origami. They will have made “The Pirate’s Shirt” – one of the traditional paper-folding designs.

Hilary Leung’s illustrations are lively and bright. Kids will love this book. Teachers can use it with an entire class, and grandparents should give it to their grandchildren. Readers will enjoy learning these new pirated-themed, paper-folding skills.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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