An Absolutely Delightful Book

By Natasha Lowe

Paula Wiseman Books 15.99 268 pages

From the moment of her birth, Poppy Pendle has always been special: born by accident in a bakery, she is quickly found to have magical powers.  Soon, Poppy’s parents have her set on a course to be a witch. There’s only one problem: Poppy hates magic and only wants to own a bakery someday. Frustrated by her parent’s unwillingness to listen to her, Poppy’s conflict with her parents increases until one day Poppy casts a spell with grave consequences.  Her friends must work quickly to bring back her passion for baking (and for life) before it is too late for Poppy and the town itself.

The Power of Poppy Pendle is a wonderful book by author Natasha Lowe. In it, she simplifies and exaggerates the conflict between parents and children to highlight that everyone needs to have their own dreams and be able to pursue their passions. She nicely shows the detrimental effects of children being told that their feelings and dreams aren’t valid. It’s also a good reminder that second chances are possible.   The book is punctuated with funny parts and – best of all – recipes that are geared toward children. Older children and tweens will absolutely enjoy Poppy’s story with an interest in astronomy.

Reviewed By Barbara Cothern

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