Can’t wait to get out of the nest?

By Edward Hasbrouck

Avalon Travel 21.99 712 pages

Some travelers want to see the Eiffel Tower or Machu Picchu or the Great Wall of China.   Others may have visions of living in Costa Rica or New Zealand or Durban, South Africa for an extended period of time. And there are those who want to do it all; whose goal is to discover the world by going around it. These are the modern nomads – independent explorers who engage in long-term, multi-country international travel – and this is the comprehensive how-to-do-it handbook that can help them make a fantasy trip become a reality.  Now in its fifth edition, Hasbrouck – a former travel agent and independent traveler himself – covers it all: how to choose destinations, transportation options, what documents will be needed, how much to pack, life on the road, and most importantly how to pay for the trip of a lifetime. In addition to hundreds of pages of practical advice and first-hand knowledge, there is an extensive chapter with additional resources to assist with trip planning and preparation. Readers, whether armchair travelers or those seriously considering a mutli-stop trip of this kind, will enjoy the advice, the tips and tricks and the stories from other nomads that are included.

Reviewed By Linda Frederiksen

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