The Exciting Sequel to Maze Runner

By James Dashner

Delecorte, 368 pages, $17.99

The Scorch Trials is James Dashner’s second novel in the Maze Runner Trilogy. Teenagers who enjoyed The Maze Runner, or who have an interest in post-apocalyptic, action-packed science fiction cannot pass up this trilogy! As a high school teacher, I occasionally have a difficult time getting my teenage students to read, but Dashner has gripped the attention of my reluctant readers; boys and girls alike.

In book one, Thomas and his friends manage to escape the maze that had trapped them until they lost track of the days and months. They thought that once they escaped, they would return to life as they knew it. Not true. The world is nothing like they remember: the government has been destroyed, they are hunted through scorching desserts by the bloodthirsty Cranks, and they are still at the mercy of the ever malevolent WICKED: a true sci-fi antagonist.

Being in the maze Thomas and his crew at least had food, water, and the hope of escaping. Now they have to wonder if there’s anything left on this planet to hope in. Nothing but fear, plague and pain seem like a viable future for what is left of humankind.

Reviewed By Emily Davis

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