Looking at the History of the Universe, sort of

By Tom Jackson

Shelter Harbor Press 24.95 144 pages

Astronomy has a long and checkered past, and it can be interesting to see just how much the science has changed over the millennia. The Universe: An Illustrated History of Astronomy looks at its past, and how its wide range of accomplishments have been both technical and theoretical, as well as based on improvements on other sciences. Not only are the Top 100 accomplishments listed, but there is also a section on basic astronomy and ten imponderables, as well as a really nice pullout on general history. ||This is a truly pleasant coffee table book on astronomy. The pullout is a brilliant and concise history of the world, and is certainly properly done. There needs to be some more illustrations, but the ones that are present are beautiful and nicely represent what they are intended to depict. The text is well done, and concisely explains not only the concept but why it is important to the history of astronomy. Overall, this is a beautiful book, and one you want to get your nephew who has an interest in science, or at least definitely

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim