Even a Stone Can be a Teacher

By Brian W. Flynn

Sea Hill Press 14.95 92 pages

Special treasures come in small packages. Brian W. Flynn shares a special gift with the reader titledĀ The Wisdom of the Stones. He combines his professional experience as a psychologist with his talents as a photographer in a unique little book about life. Each set of pages pair a photo from the rocky beach of Campobello Island with simple reminders about living such as, “Be gentle with those among us who are fragile.” Or, more contemplative text such as, “Sometimes we can only come into our own if we move out of our usual environment.”

“If we get close enough we can find our common threads.”

This book has a place not only in office waiting rooms or as a gift for those going through hardship, but on the coffee table of any nature lover – especially rock hounds. If the people with rocks in their pockets sound a little crazy to you, first give the experience a try. Next time you are walking along a rocky shore or a wild river’s edge pick up a rock, ponder the messages in this book, and treasure the wisdom of stones.

Reviewed By Julie Finley

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