By Daniel Allen Butler

Da Capo Press 16.00 336 pages

Have you ever wanted to know the full story of the Titanic? Not the Jack and Rose version, but the full story, from the construction of this “unsinkable” ship to its sinking below the icy waters of the Atlantic? If you have, you should snag a copy of Unsinkable: The Full Story of the RMS Titanic by Daniel Allen Butler. Butler details everything you would ever want to know about the ship, and the book is just fascinating. The first few chapters are a bit tough to wade through, but once you get through the history of the White Star Line and the Titanic, Butler will suck you into the story of how this being considered the best ship in the Atlantic ended up her short tenure lying at the bottom of the ocean with more than 1,500 of her passengers. Butler has done extensive research. He spoke to survivors (those few that were left) and family members of survivors about what happened that fateful April night, and his book is one that this reviewer highly recommends. Unsinkable is full of interesting information and is a good read in general. Get yourself a copy!

Reviewed By Melissa Boles

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