It’s Noon Somewhere!


By Chelsea Handler
Simon Spotlight, $16.00, 272 pages

When Chelsea Handler was growing up, things were far from normal for her. From letting her elementary school chums think that her real mom was Goldie Hawn to selling a car with her dad in a Wendy’s parking lot in Jersey are just a few of the stories from Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea. It’s a wonder that she is the person that she is today, hosting a successful TV show on E! and had a sitcom based on her life.

“Chelsea Handler’s life from New Jersey to the bight lights of Hollywood with a splash of Vodka!”

This book will keep you laughing as you read through her stories. This is a fun read about her family consisting of a Jewish father and Mormon mother with five older siblings and having a Pinto as the family car. Chelsea uses sex, alcohol and humor as a way to navigate through life. Just be warned, Chelsea has a crude sense of humor. But, there is no doubt that whoever picks this book up will enjoy reading about her trials and embarrassments while growing up in the environment that she was a product of. It doesn’t hurt to drink while reading this one. Not that you need one to swallow this story.

Reviewed By Annie Hicks

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