Bad Medicine, Volume 13star



Good Medicine For Readers

By Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir, Illustrated by Christopher Mitten

Oni Press, $19.99, 120 pages

Not all supernatural science comics are created the same. Bad Medicine follows a CDC special unit that takes on the weirder cases. They find what appears to be supernatural creatures and look for the science behind them. Meanwhile, their leader Doctor Randal Horne is haunted by his past, literally. The one patient whose death he was responsible for keeps him on a level course even as those below him are split between worrying that he may be suffering from psychosis as he solves the cases as only he can.

Normally, the science-explains-the-supernatural thing does not work because the writer is trying too hard to disprove the supernatural. In this case, because the supernatural is embraced whenever possible, it works. That is, the werewolf is diseased but the invisible man is actually invisible and Doctor Horne does have a ghost sidekick of sorts. The characters do need to take a step back from their stereotypical sources, and bringing Doctor Anderson aboard in the third issue is a good step in that direction. This is actually a fairly decent comic and just needs to find a better center before it really takes off.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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