Exploring the World of Imagination


By Sherry North, Illustrated by Marcellus Hall
Abrams Books for Young Readers, $16.95, 32 pages

Early readers who go through the pages of Because You Are My Teacher are able to explore the world with the vivid illustrations of Marcellus Hall and Sherry North’s rhyming lines.

A class of students and their teacher travel the globe in various vessels, from gondolas in Venice to camels across Egypt. As they visit and pass through different countries, the admiration for a teacher who takes her class to explore the world is evident on each page. The adventures come alive with the colorful images on every page – adding humor and excitement to each new location.

The short, rhythmic lines on each page will make this exciting and enjoyable read for Preschoolers through second graders, especially. But, the book will make an ideal gift for teachers and serve as a reminder about the power each teacher possesses in inspiring a child.

Because You Are My Teacher is one of North’s three books. It fits into the same vein as previously well received books – Because You are My Baby and Because I Am Your Daddy.

Reviewed By Sophie Sestero

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