Celebrate the Sky

By Audrey Wood

The Blue Sky Press 16.99 32pages

Step outside and take a look up above you. What do you see? Is the sky clear and blue, or is it filled with gray rain clouds? Is there a rainbow, or is a storm brewing? Each day you can see something different – a unique color, a picturesque sunset or a flurry of leaves. The sky is never exactly the same as the last time you looked at it. What an amazing part of nature! Blue Sky, by author and illustrator Audrey Wood, celebrates the wonder of the world above us. She uses simple words to convey big ideas. This makes the book perfect for non-readers, beginning readers and anyone looking to contemplate the bigger picture and appreciate fine artwork. Draw inspiration from Wood’s beautiful illustrations. A family on a hilltop gazes at a Cloud Sky. A Rain Sky produces fun drops to dodge. Don’t be scared of the Storm Sky. Apply lots of sunscreen under a Sun Sky. Spot constellations and planets in a Star Sky. When you spot a shooting star, you are seeing a Wish Sky. This book reminds us all to take the time to look up and enjoy the constantly changing sky.

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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