Brave on the page4stars

Edited by Laura Stanfill
Forest Avenue Press, $14.00, 200 pages

For any aspiring writer who feels lonely at the keyboard, Brave on the Page is a treasure trove of inspiration and advice on the writing life that will without a doubt encourage. In an artfully curated collection of interviews and flash essays written by Oregon writers and edited by Laura Stanfill, authors speak candidly with equal parts depth and grace about their craft.

“As a writer, I have the ability to pull the covers over my head and hide under my bed- and, while I’m there, I can craft a story about a girl who is boldly living her life.”

In the interviews, local authors with a wide range of backgrounds discuss projects they’ve worked on, how they tackle new endeavors and find community. Sandwiched between the interviews is an assemblage of lyrical flash essays that speak to the heart of what motivates writers. There are hilarious odes to coffee shops and touching firsthand accounts of the dogged attempts to get words on a page. Anyone who has struggled to write will relate to these poignant essays.

At times the interviews can feel a bit repetitive, given the authors’ wide-ranging experiences, but, overall, Brave on the Page is proof of our vibrant Oregon literary community and will empower any emerging writer looking to enhance their writing verve.

Reviewed By Kristin Leigh




Forest Avenue Press