Dense but Informative

By William R. Cobb & M.L. Johnson, Ed.D, PhD
AuthorHouse, $24.95, 410 pages

William Cobb, an entrepreneur and M. L. Johnson, an educator, teamed up to write this very dense guidebook Business Alchemy: Turning Ideas Into Gold. They take the premise that entrepreneurs need a guide on how to create new companies, stay creative and most importantly, competitive. They begin with the characteristics of an entrepreneur. There are small quizzes, assessments and drawings to demonstrate their points. The book then covers creativity. Testing your business idea is a chapter full of information and score sheets. It reviews marketing plans, different sectors for your product and completing a SWOT analysis. Chapters are interspersed with real-life company examples. The chapter on business plans previews a complete example of questions that need to be answered in your business plan. Other chapters include finding financing, hiring a team, entering the market, growing the business, and finally whether to operate or sell your business. The book is written almost like a research paper. Each chapter offers something, even if you are a seasonal entrepreneur and is followed by key points, references and supplemental resources. This dense book you will have to read several times but it will serve as a valuable resource for the budding entrepreneur.

Reviewed By Seniye Groff

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