Denting the Bosch A Novel of Marriage, Friendship, and Expensive Household Appliances4stars



Heartwarming and Wryly Funny

By Teresa Link

Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, 276 pages

Adele, Maggie and Sylvia are the best friends and spend much of their time together, either alone or with their husbands. It is a happy life, especially for Adele, who considers her friends the one bright spot in her recent move from New York. Things change when the women’s lives begin to fall apart at the same time: Syl’s husband leaves her, Adelle’s husband decides he wants to live separate lives, and Maggie runs away from financial reality and focuses on a man from her past. The book follows the stories as they all work on rebuilding their lives.

Denting the Bosch is a well-written debut novel by author Teresa Link. She deftly follows the tribulations of the three main characters with humor and honesty. She also shows that different people can have drastically different reactions to similar events – some will curl up in their own denial, some will run to others for comfort and others will simply move on. Some of the decisions the characters make are disastrous, but the author nicely avoids being judgmental while telling their stories. This book is funny, heart-wrenching and highly enjoyable to read.

Reviewed By Barbra Cothern

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