The Importance of Grace

By Johnnie Moore
Thomas Nelson, $15.99, 204 pages

Sometimes Christians forget that the important thing is what we do for others. Dirty God explores the need for grace and how lucky Christians are that they are under the grace of God; both how God freely gives it and why it makes Him heartbroken to see those who love Him suffer. Author Johnnie Moore looks at the problems caused by Christians that think they are above serving in the trenches, and why serving in the trenches is just as important as praying in church. Moore explores grace and what it means to be a modern Christian.

This is a fascinating book. It combines both biblical verses and Moore’s life experiences to show how important grace is, as well as what its effects on our lives can be when we ourselves share that grace. There is some wonderful writing in this book and Moore hits a lot of nails on the head. The writing does drag as Moore tries to fill in a few blanks, but otherwise this is an excellent book for a Christian that feels like life is getting him down. The book shows that there is a reason for a little faith so things will get better.

Reviewed By Jamais Jochim

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