By Alan Kaufman
Viva Editions, $25.00, 360 pages

I love biographies and I will read one on just about anyone. I knew a bit about Alan Kaufman so I was excited to read his book Drunken Angel. This book chronicles Kaufman’s life and events that led him to a long fight with alcoholism. He shares stories of extreme addiction and the details he shares are sometimes very shocking. Kaufman has a wonderful way with words but sometimes the elaborate descriptions really got to be very boring. His style is not simplistic and he has a very complicated writing style, preferring to use many descriptive words instead of some more basic defining words. While I thought the book was well written it got to a point where I got really tired of his writing style. I appreciate the fact that he completely exposed himself with this shocking memoir, but overall I felt it was a little to stylized for my liking. If you like reading complicated and sordid tales of redemption then I would recommend this book. Otherwise, the story is truly the same as many others who have written books about recovering from alcoholism. I would likely recommend any of those over this book.

Nicole Will

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