By Charlene Ann Baumbich
Waterbrook Press, $13.99, 336 pages

Finding Our Way Home chronicles the heartfelt fictional story of world renowned ballerina Sasha Davis. Sasha has fame, travel, a loving husband and the joy of doing what she loves from the age of five.  Sasha has hidden a heart condition which has a devastating result of a career-ending injury. She responds by returning to her childhood home where her mother died recently. She leaves her husband and shuts off the world. Sasha reluctantly hires a live-in aide, nineteen year old Evelyn. Evelyn is the complete opposite of Sasha—happy, engaging and open. Their differences lead to misunderstanding, but also to other results, too. Sasha learns to find love again with Evelyn’s help and Evelyn learns to find direction for her young life with Sasha’s help.

This novel is an engaging, straightforward read.  It will not win any awards but it is entertaining in its own right. If you want a light read that amuses and makes you smile (and frown at times) then read on!

Seniye Groff

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